Building the perfect target audience for advertising campaigns

Rising the most critical part of growing a business is creating an audience. And still, one of the most elusive is that too. 

The transformation of digital advertising into swaths of new customers is seen as a miracle, a magic trick. The term “production hacking” as a sport for geniuses is spoken in reverent tones. 

The reality is that by measuring and evaluating it, audience building would be a mystery before you pin it down. Turn it into a science, instead of depending on unpredictable tricks and chance. By doing so, you can easily predict and track long-term outcomes, and do more of the things that work with your specific company.

The only way to build ROI reliably and deliberately is through a data-driven research approach. This is not so much the hacking of growth as the crafting of growth. Create the audience by setting specific targets, checking tactics and detecting what the needle is going. This sounds less glamorous than “hacking,” but it does make it possible for you to be more aggressive and optimistic in your plan. 

Here are five ways to safely and sustainably build audiences for your ads:

  1. Creating empathy for Customers 

When you can understand the existing consumer preferences, you can help predict what’s going to attract them next. Make those habits come to life through the formation of customers. 

A great persona is a narrative which carries forward. In using first-person, detail-rich explanations it puts readers into the customer’s mind. Giving the name, the family and the home to your customers. Watch them go about their day and be careful how they pick and how they respond to the items they see. 

Pro tip: Using high-quality imagery to make people come to life even more and make the characters that make up the audience segments three-dimensional.

  1. Select Channels to Target Based on Those 

Use your concise customer profile as a starting point, pick platforms for your ads that your customer will experience and engage with during their day. 

— channel needs a specific approach, so it’s important to choose which channel you ‘re targeting before making your ads. Appropriate platform targeting is what fills your market with the right kind of ones — the people who are likely to become your loyal advocates. 

Considering that 96 % of B2C firms choose Facebook as their main social media platform and 93 % of B2B firms choose LinkedIn, you can see how important platform choice is.

  1. Using channels to expand audiences 

SEO tools help you to analyze and relate more directly to your audience’s search habits. Use these tools to figure out what your audience is interested in, and then let that information drive your advertising.

  1. Creating a Public Lookalike 

A lookalike audience is a group of your real, active clients already in love with your company. You should check and analyze this group — and use it to draw more of those people who are likely to “get” you. 

To build a lookalike audience, start by defining a list of ideal customers and insert this list into Facebook. Let the platform’s algorithm do its job of lighting people’s crowds with the features you need: the people you should be talking to with your ads.

  1. Build a Mega Audience 

When you’ve mastered the science of creating lookalike audiences, you can step up to establish a mega audience by layering value. You have proven that these strategies work well for a specific group of people, and now you can hone further by exploring additional interests that might turn hot leads into devoted supporters already.

Creating a consumer acquisition plan that is guided by data is not magic — it’s better. This lets you know exactly how and why your efforts to create your audience are working. Each part of your plan can be fine-tuned for success, from landing pages to the welcome emails.

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