What makes a strong social media strategy?

He argues in A Social Strategy that the real world comes with such social behavioral conventions that prohibit people from saying what they really want to say or behaving as they really want to act. Successful social media sites are encouraging us to bend the rules. In short, inacceptable actions in the offline world in the online environment may be perfectly acceptable.

LinkedIn alleviates the offline normative constraint by offering us plausible deniability,” says Piskorski. While the boss might be worried that you’ll get a job via the web, the boss also knows that LinkedIn makes you a more productive employee. “So he or she lets you remain on the platform, so there’s no breach of the standard.”

So then there’s the world’s second-most-visited website, Twitter. “Facebook helps us to conquer the norm and not be nosy,” says Piskorski. “It does so by making us look at other people’s profiles, without ever making those people know their content has been viewed.”

The first technique, which he terms “internet strategy on social networks,” uses social media to distribute marketing messages and search for input from customers. The second approach, “private policy on social media,” is to steer clear of direct broadcasting in favor of helping clients develop and improve relationships with one another. Such partnerships are in exchange for free for the clients performing various tasks for the company.

A social strategy, on the other hand, tells people not only to transmit, but also to organize connections between them. So if the organization promotes such relationships, it can go back to those it has supported so say, “We want you to do more for us now.” That quid pro quo is at the core of an successful social policy.

Start-ups can use social strategy, too. Yelp, which publishes consumer-written reviews of local businesses, rewards the ability of its most prolific writers to meet other prolific writers at face-to – face gatherings — something that many of them enjoy. The authors in exchange are inspired to create even more content for Yelp free of charge.

The key is to create a plan that helps both the company and the social connections of consumers at the same time.

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