Surprises and Success in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Surprise and delight marketing is a marketing technique aimed at maintaining and sustaining customer relationships by providing unexpected incentives. This is intended to increase customer satisfaction and engagement while reducing churn. 67 per cent of customers said surprise gifts are very important to their experience, according to CrowdTwist. 

Some surprise and delight promotions include bonuses for a small sum, such as free gift cards, a product update or a voucher. Such campaigns would help promote brand recognition as the concept of “surprise and delight” will inspire consumers either by word-of – mouth or via social media to tell friends and family.

The principle of surprise and delight is the creation of a clear emotional bond between the customer and the brand or product. Consumers will evolve into “die-hard fans” of the brand as a result of this emotional bond. “There are many reasons why [surprise and pleasure] is so useful a tactic,” Max said. “Everything comes down to the fact that we are being emotional. So it’s no surprise that numerous studies support emotional impact in a buyer’s purchasing decisions. People want to feel unique and nothing is better than a thoughtful gift saying ‘I care!’ Swrve CMO Tara Ryan shared that the following three items are specific to brands that specialize in this marketing strategy:

  • It knows who its customers are 
  • I know what the consumers do. 
  • You should use any of the above two points to have a positive customer experience

Experiences make consumers feel listened to and valued, and it goes without saying that they fuel loyalty in an environment where churn is possible by pressing a button, “Ryan said. “If you approach your consumers with micro-targeted and activated messages and interactions based on actions not only in the past, but also in real time, you talk to them as people, as opposed to broader groups of audiences.”

The provision of spontaneous and welcome incentives is not always “big” on their to-do list for larger organizations. And that is because marketing is quite a challenge to scale, surprise and delight. To address this, Ryan advised marketers to use resources and channels that will “integrate seamlessly with the lifestyles of their consumers without being overbearing, in order to build the interactions that will give your brand energy, vitality and fuel consumer loyalty for life.”

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