Canva vs. Professional Designers: Neverending Debate!

Canva vs. Professional Designers: Neverending Debate!

Will Canva ever replace a qualified designer?

Canva vs. Professional Designers ? A question that keeps designers up at night!
Canva and Canva pro(canva app,canva website),are taking the world by storm, by making graphic design accessible to the masses.

However, experienced graphic designers can tell you with confidence; that in order to stand out and have a strong image for your company; you need to work with a graphic designer that knows how to work on a more advanced, professional,vast programs/tools including:adobe photoshop,adobe illustrator, adobe indesign and many more outside adobe creative suite.

So,let us address the elephant in the graphic design community,by answering the question:What is Canva? And why are so many designers worrying about future work opportunities with it’s rising popularity?

Canva is a simplified and template-based graphic design tool created in 2012. What makes canva stand out among the sea of online graphic design tools; is it’s attractive, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as  the availability of lots and lots of ready- to- use templates to choose from, plus canva is free,for the most part,and you can make social media  posts, infographics, posters, and many more with quick and ease.

Ok…so why even bother using adobe photoshop,illustrator or any other graphic design tool?
Well…it’s like learning how to swim in the shallow part of the pool,then expecting to compete in the olympics! Canva is a great tool for beginners,or if you want to get your idea across quickly before start working on the bigger picture using proper design tools. 
All of the above raise the following question, what is canva good for?and when to use it?
We recommended using canva alongside proper design tools,not alone! You can use it to create quick mock-ups, branded social media designs,mood boards,color palettes ,etc…

You cannot replace human touch with a robot!

While canva can save you time and money,it lacks human touch,experience,individuality, professionalism and spirit.

Tools like Canva can help designers just as much as non-designers, but will they replace graphic designers completely? No. It’s all about  figuring out how much value a design provides compared to the amount of time/effort/resources you need to put into it.

Let us not forget that content marketing is taking over the market right now, and every company/organization of all shapes and sizes needs a constant image during its lifespan,therefore Ad campaigns, social media post designs, thumbnails,etc, need to keep up and be constant to stay on brand.

Tools like Canva, can on one hand, help saving large amounts of time,money and effort, but on the other hand,it can’t be used as a solo tool for complex design projects.
The catch when it comes to Canva, is that your designs will not have the individuality that you might desire,and you may end up with a design that feels way too familiar to other compnaies.So we suggest using canva as a helper tool not a mian one.

The characteristics of a great designer that even Canva pro cannot provide!

You might be able to produce a simple design using online templates or canva; but finding a creative and professional graphic designer can be more difficult. There are some key qualities that you need to look for when hiring or aspiring to work with a professional designer,or even if you want to be a graphic designer. Here are some of the best characteristics  that will make a great graphic designer:

– Out of the box thinking

One of the most important characteristics that a professional graphic designer must have, is the ability to be creative. A professional graphic designer must be creative and must be able to apply his/her imagination in their work. Creative people don’t just follow the latest trends, they find inspiration in everyday things and even within themselves.

 – Problem-solving skills

The most important characteristic that a professional graphic designer must have is problem solving. In order to become a great graphic designer, it is important to know how to solve the problems that you may face during the design process. A great graphic designer will not shy away from a challenge and will likely come up with fresh ideas all the time.

 – Consistency in Quality 

Consistency in the brand’s color scheme, patterns and fonts must be considered during all aspects of the design process. A professional designer will be able to incorporate the brand identity into any new design ideas, and if the brand identity is not clear, the designer will be able to create one for it.

– Hungry Learner

A great designer is always hungry to learn more! Design is a lifelong process. A professional designer can often be described as humble,flexible and always adopting new ideas from others. With the development of the graphic design industry, a great  designer will be the one who will absorb all new developments to move forward with the latest trends,while keeping the core principles intact.

– Patience and Accepting of Constructive Criticism

During the career of any graphic designer,he/she develops a thick skin to listen to and take constructive criticism as a learning tool not as a personal attack! Not everyone will like your  designs! And this should not be translated as:”I Am a bad designer and there is no hope!”.

It’s all about perspective and clients specific vision. A professional designer takes criticism positively, accepts that it is bound to happen, and then learns what works and what doesn’t.

The demand for visual content is growing rapidly, which means that a designer’s role is more important than ever, and it is essential to find the right designer for your company’s needs. Our graphic designers excel at all of the above and more, so if you are looking for excellent graphic design services, feel free to contact us today. Don’t use canva…use smart media’s expertise and explore the deep end of the design world to help grow your company!