YouTube Channel Logo Design

YouTube Channel Logo Design

YouTube channel logo design. Professional logo design is one of the very important things today, as owning a YouTube channel has become one of the best sources of income that depends on modern technology in recent times, but why is YouTube channel logo design so important? This is what we will know in detail in our article today about designing the YouTube channel logo.

YouTube channel logo design

In order to earn real income from YouTube, your YouTube channel must meet several conditions, regardless of the type of content you provide. One of the most important of these conditions is your logo, which represents the appearance that reflects your professionalism at work. What is the YouTube channel logo design? For example, the YouTube video logo is the distinctive watermark that appears on videos uploaded by a specific channel, so most channel owners tend to design a custom watermark to preserve the ownership rights of the videos they upload to their channels. YouTube channel logo as the logo for all videos on the channel.

The importance of designing the YouTube channel logo

As we mentioned, the YouTube channel logo is the distinguishing mark of the YouTube channel, and it is an image of certain sizes that represents the visual identity of your channel on YouTube and Google. The YouTube logo appears on the channel pages, the YouTube search results page, and the page for watching the videos that you upload to the channel. The channel logo is the same as the traditional business identity design. But why should you design a professional YouTube banner?

In fact, the logo is the first thing many people see about your YouTube channel, and many of them judge the quality of the content on the channel by the quality of the logo. So, if you are looking to increase the number of views and thus increase your earnings, then you must design a professional logo for the channel, and if you want to become a popular YouTuber, then you must first capture the attention of your audience with a unique and professional YouTube banner, because your YouTube banner will appear in Too many places, more than any other element on your channel.

Where does the YouTube channel logo design appear?

An excellent logo gives you presence, distinction, and inspires confidence. Make your logo engraved in everyone’s memory. Including an image that represents the entity and core of your brand, your logo will appear in the following places:

YouTube channel logo design

  • while watching the video
  • inside the channel page
  • From the comments on the video
  • Subscriptions
  • selected channels
  • related channels
  • Search results page

Criteria for successful logo design

Understand the nature of the target audience, as there is a special nature to the design of the YouTube channel logo because of the different places in which the logo appears, it usually appears in very small sizes compared to other logos, based on this special personality, we need to work on designing an attractive and attractive YouTube banner that is positive and clearly visible on Despite the small space it provides. Therefore, one of the criteria for designing a successful logo is to have a clear meaning and express the nature of the content that the channel publishes. In addition, it must meet professional design standards such as the creative idea, consistency of colors and patterns used, and the use of color philosophy to express content in an attractive and simple way. Also, the logo must be unique and distinctive so that people can identify the channel on YouTube once they see your logo and distinguish it from all other channels, and this is one of the important factors that lead to increase in audience and income from channel revenue.

YouTube banner design pricing

The cost of designing a YouTube banner or banner varies greatly depending on the design requirements and the type of banner used in the channel.
While a simple logo design for a start-up channel differs in price and cost from a logo design that has a lot of details, importance, meaning, and the message it conveys.
This is usually done after an in-depth study of the channel’s content and target audience.
There are relatively cheap prices offered by ready-made design sites, but in the end they do not provide the required quality.
For professional logo design prices, please contact our sales team now.

Steps to professional logo design

To be able to say that we will create a truly professional banner for your YouTube channel, the work must go through several important stages, such as the following:

First Step: Study the nature of the content being broadcasted on the channel and watch some of the videos that have already been posted or will be posted.
The second step: studying the way visitors interact with videos, the percentage of new subscriptions, and the percentage of likes and comments.
Step Three: Understand the demographics and interests of your target audience and how to engage this segment to watch videos.
Step Four: Think of a creative idea that can convey the marketing message to the right audience in an ideal way.
Fifth step: implementing several models for this idea and designing more than one logo to choose from.
Step 6: Choose the most effective, powerful and aesthetically pleasing logos, and put the final touches on the logo.

All these steps are very important because if followed correctly, you are guaranteed to get a professional logo design for your YouTube channel.

How to design a logo

If you don’t have a Canva account yet, you can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account. Already have an account? Simply sign in to start designing your newsletters, find banners on the homepage, click on a blank page or template to get started, then choose a professionally designed template Browse Canva’s huge library of banner templates to customize your logo. Find logo designs that fit a variety of businesses and needs, like gaming, food and drink, sports, and more, then follow these steps:

  • Customize your logo design

Make sure your logo perfectly matches your branding by tweaking everything in the design. Change fonts, change color schemes, and add your own text and images to make sure your logo speaks for your business.

  • Get creative

A drag-and-drop tool makes logo design fun and easy Browse millions of icons, images, stickers, and vectors to use Try tools like image flipping, image filters, and animations to add more oomph to your design.

  • Download it, share it and create your brand identity

Once you are satisfied with your logo, go ahead and add it to all your branding and marketing designs, save it as a JPEG, PNG or even PDF for printing, share on all your social media platforms straight from Canva.

  • Open a new logo design

Get the personality you need with the right colors. Colors highlight the essence of your brand. Are your brand colors bold or traditional and dignified? You need to think deeply about the message you want to convey in your brand, and then choose the colors that present the right image for it. Canva’s logo templates are created using professional, designer-approved color palettes. If you have a different idea, you can modify the colors in various aspects of the logo design easily and for free

Canva Design Program

Canva Design Program

The Canva design program is one of the programs designed by Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht in addition to Cameron Adams in Australia in 2012, after the launch of the Canva website, the site gained more than 75 thousand users, this site was developed over several years in order to have access to this amazing premium version at the present time, but with the increase in the number of users around the world, the value of the Canva program company has become more than $ 6 billion for the year 2020, as the company is constantly developing and growing, and its estimated value is expected to double by the year 2025 .

Canva design program

The Design Canva program appeared in the year 2013, and it is one of the online design and publishing tools, which aims to make all people around the world design and publish whatever they want anywhere, through ready-made online templates for creating these designs, as it contains Attractive and easy-to-use interface, with many templates to choose from, there are more than 8,000 templates to create more than one type of designs for publications, infographics, social media images, and email messages, as Canva provides images, graphics, elements, video design, backgrounds, and also Various texts and fonts.

What is this Canva application?

Canvas is a program that is also a network to help create graphics through the Internet in an easy to use way, so users can import images, draw banners and logos through these templates, and can pay through the use of premium images brought by Canva, and because of its popularity on Institutional and individual level, many people use this software in a specific design.

Therefore, canva is a visual design foundation system that was launched in 2012, as this program provides ready-made templates through the Internet to be used while creating a design for any website.

The program provides attractive and easy-to-use interfaces along with a large number of templates through which more than 100 different types of designs can be created, such as blogs, charts, social networking images, emails and posters.

It is a free online graphic design tool that allows the user to create invitations, business cards, flyers, banners, as Canva has developed several professionally prepared templates to help with the designs.

Where you can upload your own images and add them to the program’s templates and modify them easily, as you can have an account on the Canva site, a free copy of Photoshop, so the goal of the Canva program is to design easily, as special prices for companies and advanced memberships are available.

What are the advantages of the Canva application?

The Canva design program has several specifications, including:
Canva Design Program

  • Canva design program is easy to use

It contains a very simple interface, which helped many users to get an easy experience by using this program, in addition to that the program interface made it suitable for all beginners, as it is possible through it to learn design through programs as well.

  • Editing your designs.

Where the user can, through the Canva program, modify the designs with the touches that you want to add to the design in order to make it appear better.

  • There are many design templates

Therefore, the Canva Designer program supports many templates that can be used and modified by writing the text that you want on it so that you can use it and make the design suitable for personal use, as there are several templates for all topics that users want, such as graduation, logo, marriage and learning templates.

  • Register through your e-mail

The program asks the user when using it for the first time to register through his email, and this helps to obtain the old designs that the application saves in case you delete the application, by entering the email that was used the first time.

  • The Canva program does not occupy a large size

One of the best features of the canva program is the small size of the application, which does not affect the performance of the mobile phone while using the application, in addition to the fact that the application does not occupy much space on the phone.

  • Lots of pictures

The Canva program is characterized by the fact that it contains a large number of images, through which it can be used to implement its own designs

  • Formation of a work team through it

Canva users can create a team to work collectively in order to produce the best image for the design they are working on.

  • Share designs

Through the program, the user can share the images on different social media platforms or be downloaded on one’s personal desktop. 

  • No watermark

One of the best features of the Canva program is that it does not put watermarks on the designs that are made through it, so its only goal is to help its users obtain designs of their own.

What are the uses of the Canva program for designs?

People in many fields can use this program

  • T-shirt design and mug design.
  • Design invitation cards for various occasions.
  • Promotional cards design.
  • Video design.
  • Design a restaurant or cafe menu or a service menu.
  • Design advertisements for financing social networking sites.
  • Stikers design for printing.
  • CV design.
  • Design an annual calendar, months and days.

How to design in Canva

To start designing your own using the Canva program, the designs follow the following

  • Login to the Canva website and  Determine the type of design or purpose of use.
  • Clicking on the (start design) button or “create a design”, when you select the type of design, you will see a long list of options that you can choose from according to your design goal, Facebook post, logo, video and much more.
  • When you enter the interface of the Canva site, you will notice that there are tools on the left of the page that will help you in your design. Canva offers a series of ready-to-use templates.
  • The results of your search will appear. Canva allows you to upload your own elements, choose from the collection of images that Canva offers you. There are a wide variety of icons, shapes, and logos to help with your design.
  • The program has pre-designed text in many different formats that you can change as you wish, soundtracks for your videos can be put in.
  • There are several options on this tab depending on the topic of your video (cities, fashion, business, beach, etc.).
  • If you’re not using a design (i.e. you’re starting from scratch), you can use one of the many background colors and images here.
  • The files in which your previous designs are located can be enlarged or reduced, so this is used in order to make your work area larger or smaller.
  • Through the program you can create your own design. Another new page can be added to your work. The program allows you to know which page you want to browse.
  • You can set a name for your business.
    User can share your design with anyone. There is a download button for your design, and there are other ways to share your design on social media or save it to Google Drive.

Why you SHOULD judge a package by its design!

If you’ve ever searched your local store shelves and seen products with packaging that seemed obnoxious, overwhelming, or even too plain, you understand the importance of product packaging design.

The packaging design is like the face of your product.

It is the first thing consumers see about your product. Whether your packaging leaves your product visible or invisible, your packaging continues to play an important role in how consumers view your product before opening it. If consumers are disconnected by your product packaging, chances are they won’t buy it and will never discover the importance of your actual product.

Unless you are a graphic designer, it is best to leave the product package design and printing of your products to the specialists who do this for a living.

Letting a graphic designer design your package allows you to have attractive, easy-to-read and informative packaging.

Graphic designers understand what works in each industry and know how to get the most out of their packaging to attract the attention of consumers, as well as hold their attention for more than a few seconds.

Shelves are full of competition, so having a leg up on shelf space and consumer attention is important.

Advertising message on the package

Die Cutting your product label also serves as a printed message for consumers.

It’s what gives consumers an idea of what your product is and how it works without having to read the fine print or read the instructions thoroughly. Consumers want to be able to take a look at a product and be able to understand what it is and how it works in seconds.

If it takes more than a few seconds, consumers are likely to move on to the next product on the shelf.

Competition is too fierce and time is too short for most consumers to make choosing a product a long process.

Since your time is so short to capture the attention of consumers, as well as to hold their attention, it is important to use the best possible product package design.

The best way to ensure that you are using the best is to use a graphic designer who has helped various industries and understands what works and what does not work when it comes to packaging design.

It is not worth leaving your product to chance with poor packaging design – use the experts and give your product what it deserves.

Graphic Design

How Graphic Design is Crucial in Today’s Business?

In today’s competitive Graphic Design market, a business has to do everything possible to stand out from its competitors. For this reason, it is essential to have a perfectly defined company identity (from the logo to the website).

Let us begin with the basics; What is graphic design?

It is a process of combining images and text for communication purposes. In other words; it is the art of merging different elements that result in an effective message. In short, it is a very creative technique for the transmission of ideas.

What benefits does graphic design bring to your company?

Graphic design helps to optimize your brand communication; that is to say, it looks for the best way to communicate. Keep in mind that a brand with a well-shaped image will:

1- Differentiate your company from the competition.

2- Improve the concept of your business.

3- Attract customers.

4- Add value to your company.

5- Help identify your business.

Why is graphic design important?

Corporate identity is what makes the first impression that the client has of your business. Remember that, as the saying goes, “we don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.” This is why an unattractive or not too intuitive design can determine the success or failure of your website.

What can a specialized company do for you?

Even if you have the basic tools and knowledge to defend yourself, it is true that a professional in the field is capable of doing what you do … but better. It is advisable for each person to dedicate themselves to what they really like and do well, leaving the rest of the tasks to experts in the sector. Thus, a graphic designer can be in charge of:

Logo design and branding
Advertising brochures and flyers.


Business cards

Advertising banners.

As you can see, the universe of graphic design is complex … but very beneficial for your brand. If your company still does not have its own corporate identity, what are you waiting for?

Canva vs. Professional Designers: Neverending Debate!

Canva vs. Professional Designers: Neverending Debate!

Will Canva ever replace a qualified designer?

Canva vs. Professional Designers ? A question that keeps designers up at night!
Canva and Canva pro(canva app,canva website),are taking the world by storm, by making graphic design accessible to the masses.

However, experienced graphic designers can tell you with confidence; that in order to stand out and have a strong image for your company; you need to work with a graphic designer that knows how to work on a more advanced, professional,vast programs/tools including:adobe photoshop,adobe illustrator, adobe indesign and many more outside adobe creative suite.

So,let us address the elephant in the graphic design community,by answering the question:What is Canva? And why are so many designers worrying about future work opportunities with it’s rising popularity?

Canva is a simplified and template-based graphic design tool created in 2012. What makes canva stand out among the sea of online graphic design tools; is it’s attractive, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as  the availability of lots and lots of ready- to- use templates to choose from, plus canva is free,for the most part,and you can make social media  posts, infographics, posters, and many more with quick and ease.

Ok…so why even bother using adobe photoshop,illustrator or any other graphic design tool?
Well…it’s like learning how to swim in the shallow part of the pool,then expecting to compete in the olympics! Canva is a great tool for beginners,or if you want to get your idea across quickly before start working on the bigger picture using proper design tools. 
All of the above raise the following question, what is canva good for?and when to use it?
We recommended using canva alongside proper design tools,not alone! You can use it to create quick mock-ups, branded social media designs,mood boards,color palettes ,etc…

You cannot replace human touch with a robot!

While canva can save you time and money,it lacks human touch,experience,individuality, professionalism and spirit.

Tools like Canva can help designers just as much as non-designers, but will they replace graphic designers completely? No. It’s all about  figuring out how much value a design provides compared to the amount of time/effort/resources you need to put into it.

Let us not forget that content marketing is taking over the market right now, and every company/organization of all shapes and sizes needs a constant image during its lifespan,therefore Ad campaigns, social media post designs, thumbnails,etc, need to keep up and be constant to stay on brand.

Tools like Canva, can on one hand, help saving large amounts of time,money and effort, but on the other hand,it can’t be used as a solo tool for complex design projects.
The catch when it comes to Canva, is that your designs will not have the individuality that you might desire,and you may end up with a design that feels way too familiar to other compnaies.So we suggest using canva as a helper tool not a mian one.

The characteristics of a great designer that even Canva pro cannot provide!

You might be able to produce a simple design using online templates or canva; but finding a creative and professional graphic designer can be more difficult. There are some key qualities that you need to look for when hiring or aspiring to work with a professional designer,or even if you want to be a graphic designer. Here are some of the best characteristics  that will make a great graphic designer:

– Out of the box thinking

One of the most important characteristics that a professional graphic designer must have, is the ability to be creative. A professional graphic designer must be creative and must be able to apply his/her imagination in their work. Creative people don’t just follow the latest trends, they find inspiration in everyday things and even within themselves.

 – Problem-solving skills

The most important characteristic that a professional graphic designer must have is problem solving. In order to become a great graphic designer, it is important to know how to solve the problems that you may face during the design process. A great graphic designer will not shy away from a challenge and will likely come up with fresh ideas all the time.

 – Consistency in Quality 

Consistency in the brand’s color scheme, patterns and fonts must be considered during all aspects of the design process. A professional designer will be able to incorporate the brand identity into any new design ideas, and if the brand identity is not clear, the designer will be able to create one for it.

– Hungry Learner

A great designer is always hungry to learn more! Design is a lifelong process. A professional designer can often be described as humble,flexible and always adopting new ideas from others. With the development of the graphic design industry, a great  designer will be the one who will absorb all new developments to move forward with the latest trends,while keeping the core principles intact.

– Patience and Accepting of Constructive Criticism

During the career of any graphic designer,he/she develops a thick skin to listen to and take constructive criticism as a learning tool not as a personal attack! Not everyone will like your  designs! And this should not be translated as:”I Am a bad designer and there is no hope!”.

It’s all about perspective and clients specific vision. A professional designer takes criticism positively, accepts that it is bound to happen, and then learns what works and what doesn’t.

The demand for visual content is growing rapidly, which means that a designer’s role is more important than ever, and it is essential to find the right designer for your company’s needs. Our graphic designers excel at all of the above and more, so if you are looking for excellent graphic design services, feel free to contact us today. Don’t use canva…use smart media’s expertise and explore the deep end of the design world to help grow your company!