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A Quick Look at The History of Motion Graphics!

This is the question to ask

Since video marketing became a visual trend to present any businesses, products, and services.
With motion graphics, there are literally limitless ways to convey an idea, depending on the objectives of each brand: video tutorials to express manuals or processes clearly and differently; testimonials to generate credibility from real profiles that are in contact with the company; cinematography to surprise the viewer … And in those, the fashionable format arrived: MOTION GRAPHICS.

Have you decided to make a video and you don’t know if it’s the right format? How about we check it out together?

The true meaning of Motion Graphics

Do you ask yourself often? This technique has become a trend relatively recently and refers to the combination of 5 different disciplines, such as photography, sound, video and graphic design. In short, visual elements that are brought to life with animation. Together, they make Motion Graphics one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing.

Some people confuse them with explainer or explanatory videos. And although they are not the same, they go hand in hand. In fact, the explanatory video is short and uses the animated format or Motion Graphics for a simple reason: it expresses complex ideas in a simple way, capturing the attention of the audience.

10 advantages of using Motion Graphics in your company

Although a testimonial video humanizes and a live-action video demonstrates a reality, Motion Graphics allows:

1- Use motion to strengthen branding.

2-Quickly and easily grab the audience’s attention.

3-Explain complex things in an easy and entertaining way.

4-Convey your message clearly and attractively.

5-Increase the retention of the user’s message.

6-Perfectly combine graphic design, animation, and sound.

7-They are concise, attractive, and can be adapted to any digital format.

8-They connect with the audience and are limited only by imagination.

9- They create eye-catching audiovisual pieces in no time.

10- They are easy to modify with a controlled budget.

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