Advertising Campaigns on Facebook

Advertising Campaigns on Facebook

Advertising campaigns on Facebook have become done in multiple and easy ways, as there are some free ways that not everyone knows about how to advertise on Facebook for free, such as: appropriate promotion in groups, Market Place, Pincode, and others because many people are ignorant of these strategies, They resort to advertising even at the beginning of their business, but in this article we will show the correct ways to do free promotion, with an explanation of some marketing sciences in order to make professional advertisements.

Advertising campaigns on Facebook

How to advertise on Facebook for free via Market Place, in easy and simple steps. First, you must create a new list and choose its type. You can create a list to display one or more items from the following list:

  • Sell a car or motorcycle.
  • Selling services and other products.
  • Homes for sale or rent.
  • Post a job opening on a public job board.

Facebook Insights Ad Testing Tool

After choosing the type of listing, it will take you to select the data related to the product you want to advertise, use Facebook tools and promote through groups, and after we have shown you how to advertise on Facebook for free, one of the important tools is the facebook Insights ad test tool located inside your page, which Through it, you can know the interactions and behavior of your page followers. If the participation is good in a specific post, use this post and run an advertising campaign on it through:

  • Select the target post as an image or video and pin it to the top of your page.
  • Share this post to all pages and groups related to the same post.
  • Make some adjustments when making a post each time, such as: share, request a specific comment, or like, so that the post reaches as many followers as possible.

How to promote a post with coupons for free

After knowing how to advertise on Facebook for free via Market Place, there are other ways, namely: Get free Facebook advertising coupons.

  • Open your account, select the post you want to promote.
  • Click on the Promote button and do all promotion steps.
  • When you reach the checkout step, cancel the promotion.
  • Repeat the process for the same post 5-10 times.
  • Sign out of your account.
  • After 2 days of logging into your account, you will find that there are free advertising coupons in your account.
  • Use these coupons to promote your ad for free.

Reason for not being able to promote some posts

In explaining today’s article on how to advertise on Facebook for free, we address an important issue that many advertisers struggle with, which is the inability to promote posts, and there are several reasons, including:

You cannot promote Page cover photos.

  • Don’t promote draft posts and notes.
  • Not promoting live broadcasts.
  • You can’t promote posts or photos you’ve shared from other people’s Pages on your Page.
  • You cannot promote expired posts.
  • Promotion is not possible if your role is not an Administrator, Advertiser, Moderator or Editor.
  • If Facebook reports unusual activity in your ad account.
  • If the payment methods have problem.

Resolve the problem of restricting advertising account and payment methods

If you find an app that shows how to advertise on Facebook for free, but your ad account is restricted, you can apply for a restricted ad account review. The problem may be related to the payment method. You can solve the problem through the payments support link of the Facebook social platform.

What are the methods of advertising campaigns on Facebook?

Let’s be clear that in order for your ad to be published, you must have a payment method with sufficient credit, since Facebook adopts the auction system, you are supposed to enter a bid, and do not think that when you manually enter a cost that is less than the actual ad cost, this guarantees the lowest possible ad cost It’s best to leave it automatic, so that Facebook bids the best bid for your campaign Your ads are paused until you pay for them If your payment method fails, you can try the following:

  • Make sure there is enough balance on the card.
  • Try any other new payment methods on your account.
  • Facebook paid advertising pricing

Facebook adopts an auction system, where the advertiser on the page tells Facebook management how much they are willing to bid for their ads to be shown to the audience of their choice, which pays for more explicit guarantees, bids are based on the cost per impression of the ad, there are other criteria that determine the cost of sponsored ads: total number of views , the target area, the target position, and the efficiency of the advertiser in reducing the cost of advertising, in most cases, 1000 ad views cost one dollar, and may be less or more, and the cost varies depending on the quality of the advertisement, images and content.

Earn money from Facebook instant articles

Invest with Creator Studio, where you can create, monetize, share and measure Instant Articles on Facebook. Apply what you learned about how to advertise on Facebook for free, but you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a website up and running with Instant Articles.
  • The site is stable, fast, and does not contain many corrupt links.
  • Your site is a bit old, as newer sites are not eligible for Instant Articles monetization.
  • Advertising content in Instant Articles complies with Facebook’s Advertising Policies.
  • That the content of your articles is not prohibited.
  • Direct selling ads are aimed at users who are 30 years of age or older.

How to target the audience of a specific page

We explained how to advertise on Facebook for free, and if you are looking for a way to target an audience for competing pages, go to Facebook Ads Manager from here, and do the following steps:

  • Create a campaign, choose the objective of the campaign and write its name.
  • Enter the daily budget for the campaign.
  • Choose the country, age and gender of your target audience.
  • In the Detailed targeting field, type the name of the Page whose audience you want to target.
  • Complete the rest of the ad steps as usual.
  • The more names you have for competing pages, the better, since you can enter the name of more than one page, so Facebook easily selects the audience interested in that niche, which in turn makes the targeting factor much higher.

How to create advertising campaigns on Facebook

From your ad account, create an ad campaign in Ads Manager.

  • Determine the purpose of the advertisement to sell me or introduce the product.
  • Enter your ad campaign name, and click Continue.
  • Chose your audience by interests and behaviors.
  • Enter the detailed targeting you want.
  • Choose your campaign locations carefully.
  • Determine the budget and schedule for advertising.
  • Set the maximum frequency and frequency for the same person to appear, preferably twice a day.
  • Choose an automatic bid or enter a bid amount if you know the budget you can pay per 1,000 impressions, then click Continue.
  • If you have a business site, add your business sitemap and site URL.
  • You can add a call-to-action button, like call us or put in a contact number and download a book.
  • When you’re done, click Confirm, and your ad campaign will be published.
  • Auto post to Facebook in groups and pages
  • If you don’t have time to post photos, videos, etc. to every group you share, and want to automatically post to, you can do that with Hootsuite integrations.

How to know the participation of others to your publications?

After you know how to do advertising campaigns on Facebook for free, you need to know who shared your posts.

  1. Log in to your Facebook page.
  2. Go to the desired post.
  3. Click the share button.
You will see a list of people who have shared your post on their profiles or other users’ pages.

How to Advertise on Facebook for Free (Dummy Funder)

We do not recommend this method because it harms the accounts and closes them and also to ban them due to theft, it is one of the fake methods of how to advertise on Facebook for free:

  1. Create a new fake Facebook account.
  2. Post any photos and videos you want to promote.
  3. Click the Promote Post button, then target the country you want your post to reach.
  4. Then change the currency option to US dollars.
  5. Then select an entire day for the campaign and specify the amount.
  6. Get an updated code via Telegram.

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